Watch video in PiP mode and multitask easily with Cốc Cốc

Cốc Cốc has Pin video feature (Picture in Picture mode). Feel free to watch video while doing anything you like. Download Cốc Cốc now!
Watch video in <span>PiP mode</span> and multitask easily with Cốc Cốc

It's easy to watch any video in PiP mode

Pin video without limit and completely free

Cốc Cốc supports Pin video feature on all platforms. On both computer and mobile, you can open video on any website in Picture in Picture mode to multitask easily with video playing in a floating window.

Watch movie, listen to music while doing another task

Continue watching video when switching to another tab or application and enjoy background play with the screen off on mobile. With built-in Adblock, you can still enjoy ad-free content in PiP mode.

Easily customize your watching experience

You can minimize, maximize and move the floating window to desirable position to avoid interfering with what you're doing. Besides, the feature also supports control options such as pause, play and seek video.

Download Cốc Cốc browser
to experience Picture in Picture mode

Built-in feature that's easy to use

Open the website containing video
Open the website containing video
Click Pin video button on the media panel.
Customize the floating window
Customize the floating window
Drag and drop to resize and move to the position you want.
Control the video
Control the video
Pause video and fast forward or rewind to the part you want.

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