The best adblock browser

Cốc Cốc browser has built-in Adblock feature, allowing you to browse the web faster and more securely. Now even more powerful with Adblock Plus technology and the ability to bypass anti-adblocker in video player.
The best <span>adblock</span> browser

Comprehensive adblocking ability

Block annoying ads

Cốc Cốc automatically detects and blocks ads that interrupt your browsing experience. Effectively block autoplay video ads, pop-up tabs, ads that cover the content you are viewing or irritate you with flashing animation.

Block malicious ads

Cốc Cốc can filter out intrusive ads or ads that contain link to spread malware and disable most of the factors that track your browsing activities.

Optimized for YouTube experience

Our feature is constantly improved, allowing to bypass anti-adblocker activities in video player. Update to the newest version or Refresh page (F5 hoặc ⌘ + R) to experience.

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to enjoy ad-free web browsing experience

Built-in feature that's easy to use

Feature is enabled by default
Feature is enabled by default
Use immediately, completely free and no need to install additional adblocker software from third parties.
Add websites to the whitelist
Add websites to the whitelist
Click on Shield icon on the address bar to disable adblock on a specific website. Add multiple websites to the whitelist in Settings.
Customize adblock filter
Customize adblock filter
Switch between Standard and Strict adblocking modes. Allow Acceptable ads to support the websites.

The mobile browser that's clear of ads

Adblock feature on mobile is now even more powerful with the ability to block ads that automatically open in a new tab. Download Cốc Cốc Mobile to browse the web without ads today!

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