Play music in background for free with Cốc Cốc browser

With built-in Play music in background feature, Cốc Cốc allows you to continue listening to music with the screen off or when switching to another app. Supported on Android and iOS. Download Cốc Cốc now!
Play music in background for free with Cốc Cốc browser

Play music with screen off without limit

Listen to music, do anything you like at the same time

Wherever you go, music follows! You can continue listening to music when switching to another app on Cốc Cốc, when texting, playing games on other apps and even when turning off your mobile screen.

Enjoy music without ads

Adblock feature is enabled by default on Cốc Cốc. Even if you are watching video or listen to music with the screen off, Cốc Cốc can automatically filter out interrupting ads, bringing you a smooth music listening experience.

No network connection? No problem, listen to music offline

Easily Download music for free or customize playlist to your preferences with Playlist feature (iOS only). Listen to music in the background, listen to music offline, listen to music without advertising - do everything with Cốc Cốc.

Download Cốc Cốc browser
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