Explore the features of Cốc Cốc Mobile

New tab page

New tab page appears when you open the app or a new tab. Look no further, you can explore many features and content right on this page.


Sometimes, the look is what gets you hooked on the content. That's why Cốc Cốc Mobile gives you the options to customize the browser appearance to your liking, allowing you to surf the web with more inspiration.

Video & multimedia

Choose entertainment, choose Cốc Cốc Mobile! No need for third-party software, Cốc Cốc has integrated multimedia features to meet all recreation demand of Vietnamese users.

Security & privacy

Cốc Cốc strives every day to make you feel more secure when you go online. Just as the desktop version, Cốc Cốc brings you the ultimate 3-layer protection: Adblock, Safe browsing, and Verify website.

You & Cốc Cốc

Cốc Cốc can accompany you anywhere with the mobile version. Check out useful features below for a seamless experience between your computer and your phone.

Other features

There are things that are little yet so important, Cốc Cốc Mobile will remember them for you. Try some of our tips below to browse the web faster.
*The features can change.