Ask ChatGPT anything right on the sidebar

Pin ChatGPT in the sidebar and start chatting right on the sidebar window. Boost your productivity on Cốc Cốc desktop browser with the help of ChatGPT on the sidebar!

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Ask ChatGPT anything right on the sidebar

Boost your productivity.
Add ChatGPT to Cốc Cốc's sidebar

Access ChatGPT in a click

Add ChatGPT to the sidebar now to open this AI chatbot in a new tab or in the sidebar window with just one click. No need to search or type the link to the website.

Multitask better with ChatGPT in the sidebar window

Why drop your task to go ask ChatGPT? Keep up with your work in the main tab and use ChatGPT all at once in a secondary window opened from the sidebar. No more switching tabs, more work efficiency!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about ChatGPT
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