Download video, audio
at the drop of a beat

Cốc Cốc browser has built-in Fast download feature, allowing you to download video, audio files completely free and 8X faster. This has been an exclusive feature of Cốc Cốc since 2014.
<span>Download video, audio</span> <br> at the drop of a beat

The best browser for video, audio download

Download any video, audio for free

Fast download feature allows you to download multimedia files such as videos, audio and subtitles with just one click. Downloadable on almost all websites, including YouTube, Tiktok, or Facebook.

Download 8X faster

Cốc Cốc splits the file into multiple segments for simultaneous download, and then reassembles them. Therefore, the download speed increases by 8 times, saving you more download time compared to when you use other browsers.

Choose download quality and format

Download video to your device as you like! Before downloading, you can select your preferred the video resolution or audio quality. For video, Cốc Cốc also especially supports multiple download formats such as video file (.mp4), audio file (.mp3), and subtitle file (if any).

Download Cốc Cốc browser
for a smooth movie, music download experience

Easy to use built-in feature

Use instantly without installation
Click on Download button on the address bar or media panel to download files right away.
Watch downloaded video immediately
Click on Watch now button on the media panel to enjoy video in a mini view, even when you close the current tab.
Manage downloaded files
On Downloads page, you can easily find and open a specific file, or even delete that file permanently on the device.

Frequently asked questions

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