Explore the features of Cốc Cốc browser

New tab page

New tab page is the start page when you open a new tab, allowing you to easily access your favorite websites, Cốc Cốc Search and plenty other wonderful content.


Sidebar is located on the left or on the right side of the browser, helping you quickly access settings, history, entertainment features, messengers, and your favorite websites.


Doing more work means opening more tabs. Cốc Cốc redesigns the way you use tabs on the browser, making your workspace always organized.

Video & multimedia

Cốc Cốc brings you a smoother audiovisual experience than ever before. No need to install additional software from third parties, Cốc Cốc comes with easy-to-use multimedia features.

Features for Vietnamese people

With a Vietnamese development team, Cốc Cốc focuses on developing smart Vietnamese language processing capability and creating useful features for Vietnamese people.

Security & privacy

Wherever you go on the internet, Cốc Cốc always protects you with the exclusive 3-layer shield: Block malicious ads, Display warnings about dangerous websites and Verify official websites of companies or brands.

You & Cốc Cốc

How great when Cốc Cốc has you, and how great when you always have Cốc Cốc. Explore the features below to make the most out of Cốc Cốc and bring all content with you.
*The features can change.