Introducing Cốc Cốc browser

Cốc Cốc browser is a product of Cốc Cốc - a technology company founded by Vietnamese engineers.
This browser is a whole new experience “tailored” specifically to the everyday needs of Vietnamese people. With Cốc Cốc, you can:

Sản phẩm đến từ coccoc

If you have any suggestions about browser, please contact us through Feedback or our Cốc Cốc fan page.
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Translate English - Vietnamese on Cốc Cốc

Mr. Hiep - Software Engineer
"I have to read many IT websites, blogs in English everyday. Thus, Cốc Cốc is an indispensable tool for me"

Juni Nguyen - Student
"I love to read CNN news on Cốc Cốc to improve my vocabulary. Honestly, I don’t feel bored and… sleepy like in my English class"

Mr Muoi - Artist
"My niece referred Cốc Cốc to me cause she knows I often read "Art" topics on Huffington Post. Oh well, it works for me. If you can develop this stuff on mobile platform, it will be cool"