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super fast, super easy

Cốc Cốc browser has a built-in Fast download feature, helping you download videos from YouTube to your device completely free and 8 times faster. Successfully downloaded all multimedia content, including video and audio from YouTube Shorts.
Download YouTube videos super fast, super easy

Download YouTube videos as wished

Download any YouTube video in your preferred quality

The Fast download feature allows you to download YouTube videos (including YouTube Shorts) at all available resolutions. Easily download YouTube videos in 4K, 2K, or any quality you like, you do not need to install any additional extension.

Video, audio, or subtitles? Download anything you want!

Cốc Cốc not only supports video downloading but also automatically converts YouTube music to .mp3 for you to download in a flash. You can also download subtitle files (if available) and add subtitles to the downloaded video for a complete offline watching experience.

Create QR codes to download on mobile

On the multimedia toolbar, click the Mobile Download button to generate a QR code for the YouTube video and audio download link. Next, you just need to open Cốc Cốc Mobile and scan this QR code to download the file.

Download Cốc Cốc browser
to download YouTube videos easily and for free

Built-in feature and easy to use

Explore YouTube
Explore YouTube
On Cốc Cốc browser, visit and choose any video you like.
Download video and audio
Download video and audio
Click the Download button in the address bar or media toolbar to download the file immediately.
Manage downloaded files
Manage downloaded files
On Downloads page, you can easily find and open a specific file, or even delete that file permanently on the device.

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