Enjoy ad-free music with Playlist

Add music on some top popular platforms to Playlist to play everything in one place right on Cốc Cốc for iOS. No need to install extra music apps, no more ads interruption!
Enjoy ad-free music with <span>Playlist</span>

The experience is as awesome as a music listening app

Don't want music to stop when turning off the screen?

Here goes Play audio in background feature! You can listen to music when the screen is off, while you're surfing the web on Cốc Cốc or continue listening when chatting, playing games on another app.

Easy to add songs or curated playlists

Just one tap to add an individual song or an entire playlist on supported platforms to Playlist. Bring the whole music world to your device in a blink, without any song limits.

Listen to music offline as you like

With Playlist feature, music can always be by your side! You can make each song or an entire playlist offline to enjoy anytime, anywhere and even without internet connection.

Fall asleep to your favorite tunes with Sleep timer feature

Feel free to listen to music as you go to sleep. Cốc Cốc can stop the audio based on your timer setting, helping to save battery and mobile data when you fall into sleep.

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