Multitasking experiences with YouTube PiP

It’s much easier to watch YouTube videos and multitasking with Pin video feature.
How to watch video YouTube picture in picture

Enjoy YouTube video without interruption

Watch YouTube video and continue working

Enjoy watching YouTube video and browsing the web simultaneously with the Pin video feature. YouTube videos will continue playing in a floating window even when switching tabs or using other applications, providing you with a convenient multitasking experience.

Block ads on every YouTube video

No more worries about being bothered by ads while watching YouTube videos. Adblock Plus technology integrated into Cốc Cốc is continuously updated according to the anti-adblocker policy, allowing you to enjoy YouTube videos without ads.

Play YouTube in the background made-easy

Experience listening to YouTube with the screen off for free with Play audio in background feature. No need to install an additional app, Cốc Cốc browser allows you to listen to music with the screen off on most websites, including YouTube.

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