Cốc Cốc browser privacy policy

The Cốc Cốc Privacy Policy defines policies to secure the information privacy when you use Cốc Cốc browser.

In this policy, terms as “Cốc Cốc”, “Cốc Cốc browser”, “we”, “our” mean Cốc Cốc Company Limited (ITIM) and its operation in the information technologies sector in Vietnam. The terms such as “You” and “User” are understood as you, person who installs and uses Cốc Cốc browser.

When using our browser, users provide us with some incognito information (the information which does not belong to any specific individual). This information is used to improve our products such as to develop features of the browser, upgrade searching quality, and etc.

We always highly value the users' private information, therefore we try to explain how and why we collect and use the information. For that purpose, this Privacy Policy helps users to know the way we handle collected information and disable sending listed information through the browser.

The information sent to Cốc Cốc

Please note that when working with Cốc Cốc, users are not required to provide any personal information.

When you use any browsers, including Cốc Cốc, the host server of accessed websites will receive some logging in information on default mode IP address of users, one or a few cookie files. Users can unable the receiving of cookie files from any accessed websites by making adjustment in the setting.

In the following cases some features of our browser may send the limited amount of supplement information to CocCoc host server or to the searching system:

  • When using Cốc Cốc, you are able to open more than one user mode and create different copy for each user on the same computer. It's similar when you use this mode on Google Chrome (please see Chrome browser privacy policy at: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/privacy/), any of the users on the same computer can access to the information in the browser. Therefore, if you do not want to share the information, you can create your own browsing account on the computer operating system.
  • If users use Google search engine, Cốc Cốc will link the host server of Google when starting or when you change internet providers in order to select the most suitable websites to send to your searching results. The same thing will work on other browsers such as; Chrome, Mozilla or Apple Safari. Every time when you enter the URL address or other search in address bar of the browser (omnibox), the typed characters will be sent to the searching system by default. According to this information, Cốc Cốc browser will also send this information to your default searching engines and you will receive searching suggestions. In addition, if you access Cốc Cốc browser using Google account, the original text you enter in App Launcher Box search can be sent to Google to give you recommendations about addresses or applications you need. If you do not want it to be sent, you can disable the suggestion feature in Omnibox in the setting bar.
    To supplement for the default searching system, the searching query will be also sent to Cốc Cốc searching system, the same as meta-search (or infospace.com; webcrawler.com). This feature allows us to improve the service quality by selecting and providing the most suitable searching result for users. To disable this query sending, you can turn off the meta-search function of Cốc Cốc in the settings.
  • If you turn on the function instant search on Cốc Cốc and get support of default search system, the result and the suggestion will be displayed instantly. This function is similar to Google Chrome browser. The suggestion about saving rules on the address bar and instant search feature of Google, please see at: https://support.google.com/chrome/?p=cpn_logging_policy.);
  • When you enter an unreal URL address, Cốc Cốc, similar to Chrome, will send this address to Google to help you find the URL address that you need. Google can use this whole information to help other users as well like to inform that the address is not working. You can also turn off the function in the setting bar of the browser.
  • Cốc Cốc browser is always linked with Cốc Cốc host server in order to monitor the updated work, check connection status, moderate the options and to identify the number of users. Each version of installed Cốc Cốc browser will have a random code. This code will be sent to our host server. In operation this code sometimes will be changed, and the new one will be generated randomly.
  • When you browse on Cốc Cốc by using Google account, the synchronizing feature will be opened automatically. Some information related to Google will be stored in the host server of Google such as history, bookmarks, and other settings. The information in your account is protected by privacy policy of Google. The storing of this information will help you to login easily from any device which has synchronizing features on the browser. You can turn off the synchronizing feature in the settings of Cốc Cốc browser.
  • When you create monitoring profile on Cốc Cốc through Google, the monitored information will be synchronized and stored in Google host server. You can access to the information through this website: chrome.com/manage.
  • If you select "translating" feature, Cốc Cốc will send the text you enter to Google to translate. The Privacy of information in the text will be protected by Privacy Policy of Google.
  • If you use addtone and spelling checker, the input text will be sent to Cốc Cốc host server. At the same time, you will receive the suitable options for the text. You can also turn off these two functions on the browser.
  • If you use Cốc Cốc's synchronizing feature and sign in using your personal account, some particular information related to your account such as your bookmarks, browser history and other settings, will be stored in Cốc Cốc host server. You can choose which information is allowed to be synchronized in Cốc Cốc Sync Settings. By not signing in, the feature is inactive by default.
  • The voice recording feature on Cốc Cốc will send to Google the recording query along with the browsing language on default and grammar settings of the opened website. It is necessary to transform the recording into text. If you turn on the statistics and error report with the voice recording feature, the added information will be sent to Cốc Cốc. The sent information might include URL address of the websites which use the voice recording feature, the version of the operator system, name of the producer, type of your computer, as well as other information of the supported sound system hardware.
  • Auto-complete feature means automatically complete web address according on the ones you have used before. If you use the auto-complete feature and allow Cốc Cốc to save this information in your Google account, you will receive the information about the web model that used for the synchronizing. The privacy of this information is regulated in the Privacy Policy of Google.
  • GPS is open on default on Cốc Cốc. This feature is used when Google GPS is connected to obtain the location depending on users' device, internet connection, which may include the information about the nearest Wifi navigator, ID of the mobile coverage network, coverage level and IP address in your device. With the service of Google, Cốc Cốc browser send the location to Cốc Cốc host server in order to improve the searching result, select the best advertisement for you. All the information stated here is in incognito mode. You can also turn off the GPS-location feature on browser's settings.
  • If you are in the safe mode and want to access into the website that might have the attack thread from the third party, the browser will block the connection. Afterward, Coc Coc will send the connection information to Google in order to define attack scale and methods.
  • Cốc Cốc opens a feature which detects the websites connection problems. When something goes wrong, the volume of access (including: URL addresses with problems and connection information) will be redirected to a special host server of Cốc Cốc. This mechanism helps problems with broken connection when using the browser. The mechanism is also similar to the information transferring through host server on Opera with Turbo feature and other browsers for mobiles which is for saving access volume.
  • Cốc Cốc automatically turns on the feature of sending statistics and history of browsing, the information about the users' system and errors report. This function is applied for all users on this version of Cốc Cốc. The collected information allows us to understand the way users browse, as well as to help in anticipating the problems when using the browser, improving the using quality and developing Cốc Cốc's products. Cốc Cốc also sends incognito information from browsing history. Users can also turn off this sending option in browser's settings.
  • We always try to limit the sending of users' personal information to Cốc Cốc. Besides, errors report (as in Chrome) may contain the information about the system at the time of the errors as well as their reasons. We can send to the third party the general information (not personal information) we received to analyze the error such as the frequency of some certain errors.

The information Google receives when using safety mode through Cốc Cốc and other browsers.

Cốc Cốc and other browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) all have safe mode browsing of Google. In this mode, browser receives from Google host server the information about suspected websites to check if the website is safe or not.

Periodically, Cốc Cốc browser will connect to Google to update the listed website which is confirmed fraud or contain virus. In this case, Google will not receive any information of any personal account. Google will only receive the general information such as IP address or some cookies. The copy of updated safe web browsing will be stored in your system.

The safe web browsing list is checked and compared when you access to any websites. If any coincidence happens, browser will send Google a copy of the websites analyzed URL to receive supplemented information. Google cannot define the websites real URL which you are in. For further details, please see at: http://code.google.com/apis/safebrowsing/firefox3_privacy_faq.html.

Additionally, Cốc Cốc has the following safe mode browsing:

  • In some version, there is the feature helping to detect unsafe websites and to download file which is not in the Google's list. The information about complete URL or download source may be sent to Google to analyze. In this case, Google will not receive any information about account or your personal information, except for the general information (IP address, URL, or other cookie file).
  • Safe mode browsing is designed to detect unsafe website, the added information will be sent to Google to improve this function. The information is sent after you close warned website or when you move from that website to another. The report will contain the URL of the website which leads you to the warned website, URL of the warned website itself and its content. This information allows Google to examine whether this website is dangerous to users or not.
  • If Cốc Cốc opens the feature sending using statistics, when you are moved to unsafe website, some information will be sent to Cốc Cốc. It might include the complete URL of the accessed website, title that gives you the introduction of that website, and URL address which is on the restricted list of the safe mode browsing.
  • You can turn off the safe mode web browsing on Cốc Cốc at any time in the browser's settings.

The information sent to operators of the accessed website and Coc Coc partners

The website you access through Cốc Cốc, as well as other browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari), will receive the information of general history, including:

  • Query address website
  • IP address
  • Type of browser
  • Browsing language
  • Time and date of the visit
  • Cookie files

These websites can create their own cookies and store the information in your computer. You can restrict these cookie files and other information in Cốc Cốc's settings.

Apart from the search history, Coc Coc search engine also receives the general information and operates similarly to other searching engines (as Google and Bing):

  • Searching query and other query characters, You can receive the suggestion that helps to short the query time;
  • Location. By defining the location, the searching system can provide more relevant searching results. The location of the users is important in providing the results, for example, when they look for the nearest restaurants or shop.
  • The information about searching result as well as the advertisement allows us to improve searching result and provide users with better advertisement information.

Besides, when users surf websites on Cốc Cốc browser, some cookie file may be created by our partners in the advertisement sector - Group M company. The collected information from cookies helps Group M to adjust and provide users with the most relevant ads. GroupM never requires and Cốc Cốc never agrees to provide any personal or private information of users. For further details about how GroupM uses the information as well as the way to refuse such information, please see at website: www.targad.info.

For the purpose of providing the version "Newtab 4.0" to users on the newtab page of Coc Coc browser (Newtab 4.0 zone), when users surf and access information on Newtab 4.0 zone, the following users data will be anonymously shared with our partner - Yandex Services AG (“Yandex”):: type of operating system of the user's device, the user's geolocation data, and any other information needed to create personal news feeds, articles and videos, as well as any other technical information ("the Data"). The Data shall be used exclusively for the purpose of developing and providing the service to users in accordance with Yandex Zen Terms of Use and Yandex privacy policy. Coc Coc will never collect and/or share with Yandex any personal or private information of users. For further details about how Yandex uses the information as well as the way to refuse such information, please see at website: https://yandex.com/legal/zen_termsofuse/ and https://yandex.com/legal/privacy/.

Also, some of Coc Coc partners (such as statistics and analytics companies) may receive anonymised user data in order to provide accurate picture of current Vietnamese internet environment.

If you turn on the feature anticipating browsing behavior and accessing to a website, Cốc Cốc may link with IP address of all the connection on that website and create internet links in order to boost the speed of browsing. On some websites, pre-checking technology is applied, allowing to pre-load the links you may access.

If you work with Cốc Cốc in incognito mode, the saved cookie files will not be sent to the website you access. These websites may store the new cookies but only during the time when you browse as an incognito. Once you close the browser and all the tabs in incognito mode, the cookie files are deleted.

If you turn on the location monitoring on Cốc Cốc, the browser may send the information about your location to the website. Cốc Cốc will only do that with your permission. Cốc Cốc will not interfere the other website's privacy protection measures.

Identified information for digital rights management

With access to certain information on Cốc Cốc, there are might be some websites use Adobe Flash Access and the partners with uploaded content. They may require you to send them special identity, which is stored in your computer. You can turn it off in special modification or adjust this special identity when the operating system is reset.

The parties received your ID number may link it with the identified information. The Terms of Service of this ID number to access to some content through Google host server is in Privacy Policy of Google. When downloading some content from other website, the relative privacy policy is applied for each website.

The information collected when you use applications, extensions, title, service and other features on Cốc Cốc

Cốc Cốc browser (similar to Chrome) may use the applications, extensions, title, service and added applications (called Added Applications) which either exist before or newly integrated, available in internet store of Google or from other sources.

Before setting Added Applications, you are recommended to read the stated permission. Some Added App allow to store, save, review, release information with your account on your Google Disk account and use the warning sent through Google host server. Cốc Cốc may examine the updated version, download them and install, as well as send them to Cốc Cốc host server the information about using these Added apps. Some Added Apps may ask the permission to access to the IP to manage the digital copy right. To reject the request to access IP, you can delete this app from Cốc Cốc Sometimes we are able to identify whether additional features might threat to the safety, terms, laws, and regulations. Cốc Cốc periodically updates the list of Added apps from host server and will stop or delete them from user's device. The providers will be totally responsible for the change and supplement for the Added Apps and have the right on their own privacy policy.

Saved information on our users' computer

As in other browsers (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari), Cốc Cốc saves in your system the following information:

  • Browsing history; URL of the websites which you have visited, file in cache memory including text, image, and list of some IP address containing the links to the websites;
  • Function supporting searching of almost all websites you have visited (excluding the secured websites with the address "https", websites of banks, for example);
  • Censored images of almost all the websites you have visited;
  • Cookie file and data of the website you have visited in your computer;
  • Basic date store in the added file;
  • Download history.

You can delete completely or partially the data you have visited anytime.

Besides, you can limit the information saving by choosing the incognito browsing mode. In this mode, Cốc Cốc will not save any basic information about browsing history on internet, for example: URL, text in Cache memory, IP address related to the websites you have visited. Cốc Cốc does not save the images of the websites you have visited, nor set the download history (even though this information may be saved in other location on computer, such as the recent file). The new cookie file during the time you work in incognito mode will be deleted after the browser is closed. To know that you are in incognito mode, you can see the signal “Incognito” at the upright corner of the browser. Sometimes the color of the window is also changed.

If there is any change in website settings, for example if you open a new tab to access to website or when you change the settings, the information will be saved also. Using incognito mode (as a guest) does not affect these changes.

Besides, Cốc Cốc can save the passwords for different websites. These saved passwords can be seen at the settings page of the browser.


The information sent Cốc Cốc host server when using our browser is necessary to improve our service. The information sent to the operator of other websites will be modified by their own privacy policy. Cốc Cốc saves the information in your system to improve our browser and provide to you additional features and service. Please note that Cốc Cốc reserves the right to modify/change any terms in our Privacy Policy at anytime without prior announcement. These changes or modifications will take effect once after being posted on our website.

If there is any problem caused by this Privacy Policy, please contact us through this website or send to our email: info@coccoc.com