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Want to Download music for free? Cốc Cốc is here to help you. Save your favorite songs, download Cốc Cốc browser now!
Free <span>music download</span> <br> on Cốc Cốc browser

Fast download speed. No additional fee.

Download music for free on all websites

Are you looking for a way to download catchy tunes on TikTok, Facebook and YouTube to your device? Just one click and you can enjoy your favorite song without paying any extra costs.

Supports users to listen to music anytime, anywhere

With our music download feature, you can listen to your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere - unlimited on both mobile and desktop browsers!

No storage burden

This feature gives you music in a super lightweight MP3 format that doesn't take up much of your device's memory. Enjoy music without worrying about the storage space!

Download Cốc Cốc browser
for a smooth music download experience

Easy to use built-in feature

Find your favorite song
Find your favorite song
Find and get access to your favorite songs.
Download music now
Download music now
Select Download button, and then select Audio button on the address bar or multimedia toolbar
Enjoy your own music
Enjoy your own music
Click on the Download file on the multimedia toolbar to open immediately.

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