First, let us get the fact straight:

We want to create a search engine that understands Vietnamese language better than any other one does.

Vietnamese is a dedicate language that requires special researches for machines to understand and process. In this case, “dedicate” means extremely complicated. Even though it uses Latin alphabet, the diacritics can be very confusing. “Đảm đang” khác với “dâm đãng”... “Hoạ mi” is different from “hoạ” and “mi”. “Man” is different from “màn”, “mán”, “mản”,”mãn”, “mạn”; and they are obviously different from “măn”, “mằn, “mắn”, “mặn”, “mân”, “mần”, “mấn”, “mẩn” or “mận”. Not all of them have meaning. Some don't have meaning when they stand alone, but they do when they come with other words.

It's confusing even for humans, let alone machines. We are proud to say that after years of serious research, our engineers have come up with algorithms able to solve different linguistic problems of the Vietnamese language.

So why are we doing it?

It's because we believe we can. We are just a bunch of geeks who love nothing more than new challenges. Building an intelligent machine that understands Vietnamese is a challenge. Surviving the crazy traffic in Vietnam is another challenge :)

It's also because we believe that Vietnamese Internet users deserve to have a search engine that meets all their requirements... We also believe that the Vietnamese Internet industry deserves to be cared about. We have a research lab capable of bringing about technological breakthrough in Vietnam. It's a lab based in Vietnam, run by Vietnamese experts, with international standards.

The bad news is that the battle is going to be tough. We need to be better than just good to win over the Internet users. But the good news is that we are well prepared for that. We want to make that happen no matter how much time and effort needed.

Sounds interesting?

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