Cốc Cốc is one of the biggest local Browser and Search Engine companies in Vietnam as well as the biggest Vietnamese digital advertising publisher with more than 22 million users.

  1. Cốc Cốc Browser - The fast and convenient all in one tool for browsing the Internet in Vietnam. Accelerated download speed, fast and secure Facebook access, smart shopping, auto diacritics input, built in dictionary, English-Vietnamese spellchecker and more.
  2. Cốc Cốc Search - is the best search engine for finding local businesses or shopping online.
  3. Cốc Cốc Map - has a huge and constantly updated database of places in Vietnam, where even small and hard to find places can be located.
  4. Cốc Cốc Ads - easy to use and effective RTB based advertising system, tailored specifically for local businesses in Vietnam.