Play YouTube
in background

anytime, anywhere

Enjoy music even when switching to other apps or turning off the phone screen with Play YouTube in background feature on Cốc Cốc browser!
Listen to YouTube music with the screen off anytime, anywhere

Top feature. Free to use

Save up your mobile's battery

Worried that YouTube is consuming too much of your battery? Explore the screen-off music listening feature in Cốc Cốc browser to extend the battery life of your mobile device.

Experience music playing in the background

Listening to music on YouTube with the screen off helps you enjoy music without interruption when surfing the web, switching to other apps, or even when turning off the phone screen.

Play YouTube music in background without ads

With the built-in Adblock feature Cốc Cốc browser, all types of annoying ads will be automatically removed, ensuring you can enjoy music without being disturbed.

Download Cốc Cốc browser
to play YouTube in background more easily

Play YouTube in background for free

Find the song you want
Find the song you want
Find and access the song you want to listen to on YouTube
Pin video
Pin video
Select Pin video button on the green media toolbar
Turn off the screen and enjoy
Turn off the screen and enjoy
Turn off the screen to experience your favorite music.

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