The Search department takes care of the company's core product - web search, which includes algorithms, ranking, crawler, index and frontend development. Naturally, this department employs the biggest number of talents, carefully selected from a large pool of engineers all over the world.

C++ programmer for browser



Job Description:                

We are looking for talented developers who help create the browser which will bring Vietnamese internet users to a new dimension of network life. You'll have a wonderful opportunity to join our prosperous team and take part in developing the most popular Vietnamese browser.



  • Work on the browser code to embed new and interesting solutions;
  • Change and improve the browser user interface;
  • Take part in developing new solutions and capabilities;
  • Integrate numerous fascinating and complex tasks into the browser core;
  • Work on revising and improving our features like downloader, torrents, media player, addtone, etc
  • Implement solutions to make the browser more convenient for Vietnamese users
  • Merge with the latest Chromium sources to keep the core up to date
  • Improve the performance and stability of the browser, analyze crash reports and users’ feedback
  • Work on multi-platform solutions to support different OS, including mobile
  • Find alternative algorithms and approaches in order to solve problems, and give explanations of their benefits.
  • Help to support our users and solve their problems
  • Confident knowledge of C++ and STL;
  • Experience writing multi-threaded applications, using multi-threading and inter-process communication, synchronization primitives;
  • Ability to read (read a lot!) and change somebody else's code;
  • Experience with MS Visual Studio and debugging tools for Windows;
  • Knowledge of SVN and GIT (preferable).
  • BS degree in Computer Science or similar technical field of study;
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Be trained by software development experts in the field of Search Engine
  • Salary range: $700 - $1500
  • Flexible working hours and no dress code
  • Free instant noodle buffet and unlimited coffee/tea bar :)
  • Medical expenses: up to 24 mil/year
  • Surgical expenses: no limit
  • Other Trade Union benefits for staff and family