Vietnam Labs Division is where all the ideas to develop the Vietnam market are idealized and realized. Those ideas include revolutionary advertising concepts, mapping project, etc.

Automation Tester for Advertising Department

Quantity: 01
Location: Hanoi
  • Plan testing applications with developer team
  • Write automation tests
  • Set up continuous integration system
  • Generate qualities metrics for a product.
  • Intermediate English
  • Experience using SQL, JSON
  • Ability to use any of languages (Python, Java, Javascript..)
  • Experience HTTP requests and browser debugger
  • Logic thinking
  • Ability to write simple scripts on python, bash scripts, curl, awk, grep, wc
  • Experience with Selenium, TestLink, Fiddler, FireBug, GrayLog, SoapUI, JMeter, Postman, Jenkins, Teamcity
  • Familiarity with positive, negative, compatibility, security, integration testing, unit testing, research testing, load testing
  • Experience in test plans
  • Experience in linux/mac operation systems testing
  • Knowledge of bugtrackers, wiki systems
  • Work with highly qualified developers team
  • Experience in testing critical high load service
  • Flexible working hours and no dress code
  • Free instant noodle buffet & unlimited coffee/tea bar :)
  • Medical expenses: up to 24 mil/year
  • Surgical expenses: no limit
  • Other Trade Union benefits for staff and family