Open positions

Product (6)

Web Search includes algorithms, ranking, crawler, index and frontend development

Advertising (9)

Ideas to develop the Vietnam market are idealized and realized here

Infrastructure and Support (4)

Find a job here if you are familiar with infrastructure, network and servers

Marketing (1)

Jobs related to Marketing, PR, Branding, Copywriting and Design

Sales and distribution (4)

Sale department's responsibility is to seek customers for Coc Coc Advertising system.

Why Join Cốc Cốc?

Work at Cốc Cốc

Work at Cốc Cốc

I was overwhelmed at first because everything here happens so fast. However, as soon as I got used to the procedure, I realized that it was quite productive. I can do a lot, and learn a lot too.

Life at Cốc Cốc

Life at Cốc Cốc

People here are quite fun not only to work with, but also to hang out with. I'm following the company's football team around, and I'm bidding to be the chairman of our beer club.

Expats at Cốc Cốc

Expats at Cốc Cốc

Cốc Cốc's support team did a great job to make my relocation sweet and smooth. 50% of the staff is from other countries, so you hardly feel like you are a foreigner here.