Introducing Cốc Cốc browser

Cốc Cốc browser is a product of Cốc Cốc - a technology company founded by Vietnamese engineers.
This browser is a whole new experience “tailored” specifically to the everyday needs of Vietnamese people. With Cốc Cốc, you can:

Sản phẩm đến từ coccoc

If you have any suggestions about browser, please contact us through Feedback or our Cốc Cốc fan page.
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Quick Facebook access with Cốc Cốc browser

By using Cốc Cốc browser (download here), you can quickly access Facebook without any additional software.

Cốc Cốc has daily updates supporting Facebook access, users do not need to do anything. At the same time, because Facebook is a free feature included in the browser, internet speed is not affected and users are not disturbed by ads as when they are using other third-party Facebook connectivity software.

Cốc Cốc is secured by Norton Security.

Compare Cốc Cốc to other methods of accessing Facebook

  Cốc Cốc Change file hosts Change DNS Hotspot Shield
Internet speed
Automatically updated
See other ways to access Facebook

Change hosts system file to access Facebook

Steps to change file hosts:
Step 1/5 - Open Notepad:
Click Start Menu> All Programs> Accessories> Notepad. For Windows Vista or Windows 7 right-click to Notepad, on displayed menu select "Run as Administrator".

Step 2/5 - Open file hosts:
In Notepad go to menu File > Open. In filter close to file name, select all files (*.*). Then go to: \windows\system32\drivers\etc to open the file "hosts".

Step 3/5 - Change file hosts:
After opening file hosts go to the end of the file. Click Enter. Copy all following contents and paste to the end of the file hosts:

Step 4/5 - Press Save and close Notepad

Step 5/5 - Close and reopen your current browser and go to Facebook to check the result

Access Facebook with Hotspot Shield software

You need to download Hotspot Shield or similar proxy program, install it, and turn the application on each time you want to access Facebook. This way also allows access to blocked websites such as BlogSpot, Wordpress, or some other channels with videos/movies.

After successful installation, Hotspot Shield will open automatically. You will see a Hotspot Shield icon on the taskbar as below:

Red icon means Hotspot Shield is off, and green one means the program is on. To toggle on/off, click Connect.
To turn off Hotspot Shield ads while using the software, you need to register an account on Hotspot Shield elite.

Change DNS to access Facebook

You can change DNS to tell the computer to find the real Facebook IP address by using a different DNS host. Here are some reliable DNS server addresses you can use:

Open DNS: và
Google DNS: và

Steps to change DNS:

Step 1:
•  For Windows XP, Windows Vista: Start Menu > Control Panel > Network Connections. Select Properties.
•  For Windows 7: click on the computer symbol on the right side of the desktop. Click Open Network and Sharing Center. Select Change adapter settings on displaying screen. Double click on icon with green bars and then choose Properties.

Step 2:
On Properties screen, choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4), continue to click on Properties. Choose use the following DNS server addresses then fill the following numbers of DNS servers:
+ Prefered DNS Server:
+ Alternate DNS Server:
Click OK to finish.

Step 3:
Close and reopen your current browser and go to Facebook!