Vietnam Labs Division is where all the ideas to develop the Vietnam market are idealized and realized. Those ideas include revolutionary advertising concepts, mapping project, etc.

Demonstrate your knowledge

Imagine you are a Hotline Supporter for Quang cao Coc Coc. You'll have to support clients through online chat system (such as Skype, Yahoo and Web chat). Clients ask you questions as listed below. Please give answers and consult clients to make them satisfy.
1.    I registered account on QC, but why I cannot log in?
2.    What type of ads does Coc Coc have? Please help to consult.
3.    Where do ads appear? Are ads on Coc Coc displayed on Google?
4.    How to calculate cost of ads? Is it charged per month? How much does a particular keyword cost?
5.    How can I make payment for ads?
6.    What is coupon? Can I register without coupon?
7.    Is Coc Coc ads similar to Google Ads?
8.    What is "create ads for free"? Do I get charged for Coc Coc ads?

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Hotline Supporter

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